How to re-enter society post-quarantine.

Question: Are any restaurants safer, or more dangerous, than others?

Short answer: Sit-down restaurants where people spend an hour or more increase your exposure over time. And the more people you eat with, the more opportunities there are to become infected.

Long answer: “There is a surprisingly large amount of variation in the level of risk and contact across different types of restaurants. When going to a bar/restaurant, the level of risk increases substantially with the number of people who are with you. In other words, a party of eight is more than twice as risky as a party of four.”

Q: How do we decide if a place is safe to go into?

Short answer: There is no no-risk place outside your home.

Long answer: If a business or office is doing all of the following things, it is taking safety seriously:

  • Patrons wearing masks. 
  • Social distancing standing markers on floor/sidewalk.
  • Staff wearing masks/gloves.
  • Signage with protocols posted so people know how to comply and what to expect.
  • Touchless takeaway – i.e. your food on a table, pay via phone.
  • Capacity limited by tables and chairs removed or blocked
  • Shields between workers and patrons where possible.

Q: What should I do when I go out?  

Wear a mask when not eating or drinking.

Keep washing your hands.

Give others personal space.

How do we stay safe at the doctor’s office?

Call ahead and ask for guidance about protocols.

Ask which door is best to enter.

Wear a mask.

Ask if you can check in or fill out forms online.

Remain distant from others in the waiting room, or wait in the car and ask them to call you to come in.null

Use a tissue or gloves to open doors.

Bring your own pen to fill out forms.

Mostly importantly, stay at home if you don’t absolutely have to go outside.